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If you do a lot of outdoor cooking and backyard entertaining, you're probably well aware of your old gas grill's shortcomings. So who's buying high-end grills? For the most part, they're people who have owned a few grills over the years and are tired of replacing them. The truth is, whether in answer to the new designs or as a stimulus for them, our barbecue habits have changed. While we used to grill mostly in the summer, many of us now use our grills year-round and between weekends. Increased use leads to the issue of manufacturing quality. Now that we use our grills more often, they need to be more durable, as well as more convenient.

Industry surveys suggest that gas grill owners cook out almost twice as often as charcoal grill owners, which speaks volumes for the convenience and versatility of gas. Gas provides quick heat and allows more special features, such as side burners, rotisseries, multilevel cooking and food warmers. Grilling also improves flavor while searing much of the fat from meats. With convenience, flavor and health all in one package. Backyard barbecue grills have come a long way since their inception in the 1950s, and so have we. Today, 77% of us own at least one and these modern outdoor appliances and they are here to stay.

We carry American made lines which include:
  • MHP (Modern Home Products)
  • WeberWeber S450
  • DCS
  • Golden Blount

MHP offers a heavy duty grill with cast aluminum housing and stainless interior.  It is available as a permanent post mount or with a portable cart.

Weber offers grills in the Spirit, Genesis or Summit series.  Features include stainless, side burners, rotisserie burners, searing burners and smoking burners.

DCS offers grill in a 30", 36" or 48".  They offer an all stainless steel grill with heavy duty burner, cooking grid and housing.   Standard features are rotisserie burner with heavy duty lighted rotisserie motor, smoking burners and life time warranty on the bulk of the grill.

Golden Blount offers a infrared stainless grill.  Infrared is a great way to do fast grilling like a steak.  Due to the extra
high cooking temperature, it does a great job of searing a steak.

All of these are available in LP or Natural Gas. We offer delivery and installation.

All of our brands are available for built-in installations.   Let us recommend the perfect gas grill for your home. Spoil your guests with your next surf and turf masterpiece.

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