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The Bennington is an attractive woodstove convection heater. Its double-wall cast iron frame, including a built-in rear heat shield, serves as a convection chamber that allows air to circulate around the huge firebox and return to your room well heated. Large double front doors and a right-side side-loading door give you easy access to the 2.5 cubic foot firebox. You can load up to 23” logs through the downward swinging right-side side-loading door. The side-loading door also functions as an ash lip, keeping the coals in the stove and off your hearth. Traditional, modest lines elegantly frame the Bennington’s large viewing area, putting both warmth and romance into your home. Heating capability is maximized with a 13-pound cast iron heat exchanger, a HearthStone exclusive. Producing up to 70,000 BTUs per hour, the Bennington makes it easy to heat your entire home.

Stone Finish: None.   Casting Finish: A variety of HearthStone enamel finishes and matte black 2.5 cubic foot firebox – Accepts 19” through double front doors, 21” logs through side loading door.  Front and side doors provide maximum loading and increased fuel efficiency.  All-cast double-wall construction – Creates efficient convection heat; greatly reduces clearances, with built-in rear heat shield. 13 lbs. cast iron heat exchanger – Unique in the industry; dramatically increases heat transfer, efficiency and enhances the quality of heat stored.  Non-catalytic combustion system – Clean burning, more complete combustion provides more heat from less wood, greater efficiency, reduced smoke and creosote build-up.  Single lever air-intake control– Stove operation is easy; performance more consistent.  Unmatched fire viewing – Air entering the firebox through the stove’s secondary air tubes ignite the gases rising off the burning wood.  The resulting light and flames provide dazzling fire viewing, even when the fire is burning at a low rate.  Fan with built in thermostat and rheostat (optional) – Helps spread heat evenly throughout home; fan operates only when stove is at significant heat level.  The rheostat controls fan speed.


FIREBOX CAPACITY 2.5 cubic feet
HEATING AREA 2,200 square feet
EPA RATING 3.5 grams per hour
BURN TIME UP TO 10 hours
HEAT LIFE UP TO 12 hours
        30" wide
        29 1/2" high
        24 5/8" deep